Orientierung durch Orthodoxe Dogmatische Erläuterung



There are certain people in Orthodox countries, who, albeit with a very limited knowledge and a complete ignorance of the Orthodox faith, promote foreign ideas in parrot fashion.  These were ideas developed in the West, that were basically opposed to the Papist and Protestant distortions of the Christian faith.  However, that which was distorted in the West by counterfeit Western “Christianity” was never distorted in the East. The atheist rationalizing of the West had no grounds whatsoever. Thus, our uninformed compatriots who thrive on repeating anything foreign in parrot fashion have placed themselves entirely out of place and out of time with whatever they convey.  Before venturing to speak, they should first ensure that they have a proper knowledge of the Orthodox dogma, and then proceed to speak out, with opinions that are consistent to the actual beliefs of Christians. They would have seen how all those “great” atheist philosophers of the West were likewise poor unfortunate uninformed people, who were basically disillusioned by the counterfeit “Christianity” of the West, because they NEVER came to know the Christian faith as preserved by Orthodoxy.

In this series of articles, we shall reveal the irrationality that is latent in the vacancy and the ignorance of atheism.  It is our sincere hope that these people will one day face reality, without the distorting lens called “enlightenment”.  Here in the East, “enlightenment” was never needed; The light never ceased to shine in the holy Orthodox faith of the Romans.





Artikel erstellt am: 20-6-2009.