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Pan-Orthodox conference: Forms and expressions of contemporary Occultism

Conclusions of the 22nd Pan-Orthodox conference of Commissioned Orthodox Churches and Holy Metropolises on Matters of Heresies and Para-Religions

Source: http://www.im-glyfadas.gr/01/01/01010091.asp
(Translated from the Holy Metropolis of Glyfada website)


The 22nd Pan-Orthodox Conference of Commissioned Orthodox Churches and Holy Metropolises on matters of heresies and para-religion, which took place under the auspices of His Beatitude Hieronymos, Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, in the Municipal Conservatory of Larisa, from the 1st to the 3rd November 2010, with the hospitable care of the Rev. Metropolitan Ignatius of Larisa and Tyrnavos and under the chairmanship of the Rev. Metropolitan Meletios of Nikopolis and Preveza, President of the Conciliar Committee on Heresies, on the subject of: "Forms and expressions of contemporary Occultism" and after extensive discussions of the proposals, has unanimously approved the following Conclusions:

The progress of positive sciences and the advent of technology in the life of mankind have created in many people the unreasonable suspicion that natural laws do not leave any margins for the presence and the intervention of God in our life, or the existence of a spiritual world.  And the world - a now aged world - appears to have become a "compliant" and "rationalizing" one.

Many people, in satisfying their religious quests - which are inherent and indelible - have turned to a supposedly new form of religion, one that is more accessible to the spiritual mindset of the times, and have thus been led into spiritualism, to sorcery and to other religious morphs, which are all together called "occultism".  In reality, the things that sparked a response inside them are religious principles, expressions of spiritualism's morbid mysticism, and the primitivism of pre-Christian religions, because they supposedly have "something new" to offer - an alternative solution to the problems that the faith in Christ allegedly creates. Moreover, the utilitarian tactics of certain groups are exacerbating the problem even more.   

From time to time, various tragic-criminal situations appear, which cause upheaval to worldwide public opinion. And how can it be otherwise, when this entire area - like all the pre-Christian religions - has sorcery as the practical-devotional expression of its faith, which begins with the supposedly innocent and "beneficial" wrapping of "white magic" and openly moves on, to "black magic" and to clearly satanic practices? This is the practical magic that the universal religion of witches and warlocks - WICCA - practices.

In every kind of manifestation of magic, there is a strong presence and activity of demonic spirits, which also act within the so-called "alternative therapies" such as "Reiki", angel therapy or shamanist therapy e.a. - depending on the case, even though for the sake of misleading, they usually portray themselves as neutral or colourless, religion-wise.

In occultism and almost all of its manifestations (theosophy, spiritualism, witchcraft etc.), the all-benevolent and caring God, Who grants us eternal life in His kingdom, is replaced by demonic powers which, in order to disorient their followers, teach eternal and perpetual reincarnation.

Usually, occultist propaganda for attracting followers utilizes an entirely modern language, with terminology taken from contemporary technology and contemporary atheistic philosophy. And it eventually becomes an expression of worship by its followers, of occultism from the most ancient and pre-Christian times, through to this day - and even of human sacrifices, which, as History testifies, used to be performed according to the disposition and the urge of the sorcerers.

We would especially point out that all the forms and manifestations of occultism (astrology, witchcraft, alternative therapies e.a.) have no scientific backing and worth. This is even more so, with the dates that are presented as definitive for the future ("Year 2012", Mayan Calendar), which likewise have no scientific basis.

Even younger people occasionally turn to occultism with perseverance and intensity, who, having alienated themselves from the true Christian faith through their lax ecclesiastic life and the various problems of puberty, seek answers to their existential problems in that sphere.

Our Lord Jesus Christ came into this world to disperse the works of the devil - that is, all the forms of demonic worship and sorcery - and to distance us from the deception of idolatry.

The antidote to the "charm" of sorcery and para-religion is the conscientious turn to Christ, Who is the TRUTH. Whoever seeks the Truth and recognizes it is liberated, because only the Truth can set us free.


The Presiding Chairman of the Conference


Metropolitan Meletios of Nikopolis and Preveza



The Commissioned Representatives of Orthodox Churches


  • Ecumenical Patriarchate: Metropolitan Meletios of Nikopolis and Preveza
  • Patriarchate of Alexandria: Metropolitan Elder Dionysios of Leontopolis
  • Patriarchate of Antioch: Archmandrite Georgios Sakour
  • Patriarchate of Jerusalem: Archmandrite Demetrius
  • Patriarchate of Russia: Hieromonk Theophanes Lukianov
  • Patriarchate of Bulgaria: Metropolitan Nathaniel of Nevrokopion
  • Church of Greece: Protopresbyter Kyriakos Tsouros
  • Church of Poland: Presbyter Andrzej Lewczak


Article published in English on: 5-12-2010.

Last update: 5-12-2010.