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Introductory Note - A few words about the 3rd Edition



Introductory Note

The first volume, dedicated to Elder Porphyrios, sold out within a few weeks in Cyprus. This led us to the production of this second edition in cooperation with the Convent of the Transfiguration, the founder of which was that great elder of Greek Orthodoxy, Porphyrios.

The immediate and general response of the faithful of the Cypriot Church when the book was published was truly a blessing from the Lord and gave us a feeling of inexpressible joy. We are moved and touched in the same way again with the publication of this second enlarged, revised and improved edition. Now the whole of Greek Orthodoxy will hear about the miracles and wonders for which Elder Porphyrios was ordained by the Lord during his earthly life, ministry and witness.

We are sure that the spiritual benefits of this book, first felt by tried and suffering Cyprus, will now be experienced throughout the length and breadth of the planet by the whole Orthodox Church. May God be merciful to us!

We wish to thank the Convent of the Transfiguration from the bottom of our hearts for their exceptional advice and help in the completion and publication of this volume. We also thank all the other contributors to the production of this book.

Through the prayers of Elder Porphyrios we present this edition to the faithful people of God. We are sure that it will become a spiritual rock and edification in Christ for all of us.

Elder Porphyrios was worthy of Christ, a truly choice instrument of His. It would be the Elder's greatest pleasure if we also became, as St. Paul writes, "Worthy of the Gospel of Christ."
"The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force". Furthermore, St. John Chrysostom admonishes us, "Become violent there, become an abductor. That which is taken by force does not lessen in value".

Klitos Ioannides
Nicosia, November 1992.




A Few words about the third edition

The people of God received the second edition of this book with such great love that the significant number of copies printed was sold out within two and a half months. It is a touching example of the thirst people of our time have for men who are alive to God and filled with the Holy Spirit. It shows just how much a personality such as that of Elder Porphyrios, with his great abundance of spiritual gifts from God, with his humility and with his love, can move and comfort souls. Having seen the spiritual aid of this book, we are issuing this third edition for our brothers and sisters who were unable to acquire it the first time. It does not differ greatly from the second. We have corrected some typographical errors and made some minor alterations together with subsequent page changes. Thus we are publishing this book for the spiritual benefit of our fellow souls and for the glory of God, without whose blessing no good thing can proceed.

Elder Porphyrios revealed to each person that which was best for their own salvation. Therefore we should not be surprised or misunderstand that contributors sometimes differ in their presentation of the advice and instructions given to them by Elder Porphyrios. He spoke to each person under different circumstances. Naturally, the advice given to one person may differ from that given to another concerning the same or a similar matter. Besides, each contributor who conveys the Elder's words through his own personality and viewpoint may emphasize or diminish the importance of certain things differently from the Elder. In view of Man's limitations, this is unavoidable. However this doesn't stop us from drawing great benefit from this book, gathering it up like a honey-bee.

The Holy Convent of the
Transfiguration of the Savior
June 1993













a) Towards the upper-left is a picture of his parents.
b) On the right is a wood-burning stove (a metal barrel covered with fire bricks).
c) On the side of the bed there are two metal handles, these act as supports that hold

two strips of wood upright. (They can be seen between the bed and the stove). A further

strip of wood was placed across them horizontally. This helped the Elder to support

himself in a sitting position on the bed, when from 1983 he became terribly weak, being

worn-down by continuous stomach haemorrhaging.




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