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"Using word, we are doing fine; using action, how are we doing?" paraphrasing the words of Saint Gregorios Palamas (Holy Hesychasts "Quietists" 1/3, 13).

It is the intention of this humble book to relate not an abstract theory but rather a true experience. A true story is hidden behind the pseudonyms. The majority of the people in the West, who have followed a similar path to the one described here, can identify with this experience, which is typical of the experiences undergone by many and is not just an isolated case.

For the heterodox reader who is seeking the truth, this account reveals the crisis in contemporary Roman Catholicism, but also reveals the possibility of this crisis being solved with the conversion to a church of Christ, which is the Orthodox Church. But the Orthodoxy can also gain from this account, which is why this translation was required. Orthodoxy must not have any illusions at the Ecumenical level. It must confront Catholicism in the same manner that our heroes in this book confronted them. The Roman Catholic faithful may have good intentions, but they are subject to the domination of Rome, who are still continuing their expansionist policies and their deceptive methods against Orthodoxy. Ecumenical dialogue is nothing more than a facade for contemporary Catholicism.

The Uniate doctrine is just one of the weapons used by Rome to conquer the Orthodox people. The difference is that this celebrated mixture of Catholic doctrine and Orthodox form or ritual is a double-edged knife - that is, it can affect the attacker as much as the defender. In Orthodoxy, the Uniate doctrine is directed at persons who show ingratitude towards the Orthodox Church.

But the Uniate doctrine acts differently on Roman Catholics - it tends to deter Catholics who want to convert to Orthodoxy by offering them external rituals from the Eastern Church. But some people are not deceived, and they finally reach Orthodoxy after overcoming the Uniate doctrine. The Uniate doctrine is a door for someone to leave the church, but it can also be used to enter the church, and the account of this book is an example of the latter. As an added note, let us not forget that our hero in this book paid an expensive price to enter - he had a very long waiting period. But this lengthy period gave him the opportunity to learn and to see and to live all the experiences he is about to describe to us.

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Chapter 1

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