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11. Fifth Sunday of Great Lent - Saint Mary of Egypt


On the fifth Sunday of Fast, we are enjoined to celebrate the memory of our Holy Mother Mary of Egypt.


The Church service for this Sunday is devoted to the memory and glorification of the spiritual efforts of Saint Mary of Egypt, who "has cut down with the sword of abstinence the desires of your soul and the passions of your flesh. You have choked your sinful thoughts with the silence of the ascetic life, and have watered all the wilderness with the streams of your tears, and caused the fruits of repentance to spring up for us" and "with works of Lenten fasting", "as sun she shines revealed as a guide to all who have sinned".


In her life the Holy Church pays attention to two contrasts: on the depth of her sinful falling and on the height of her graceful rising; it points out that true repentance wipes away the very heaviest sins, and can uplift the repenting trespasser to a high degree of spiritual perfection.


The story of Saint Mary's life was written down by Saint Sophronios, Patriarch of Jerusalem.


The Life of Saint Mary of Egypt is read during Great Lent along with the Great Canon of Saint Andrew, Archbishop of Crete.



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