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Our Hell and our Paradise are prepared by us, here.

by fr. Petronius, Abbot of the Holy Mountain Skete of the Precious Forerunner

Taken from the magazine LUMEA MONAHILOR



"....No, God does not condemn; it is Man who makes a choice. Man goes off to eternity together with his sins. If you have been a fornicator or a drunkard or had no love in you, that is how you will go there.

Here on earth you can satisfy your passions, and you can even commit murder in order to satisfy yourself.

Man retains every sinful tendency, even in the other world. Except that he will no longer be able to satisfy it there. For the sinner, these will be the "tortures of Hell". It is not a case of "punishment"; Man is tortured, by his very own choice. 

God does not provide us with a "Hell".

God says to us:  "Come and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven"; it is Man who carries Hell itself inside him.

This means that our hell and our Paradise are both prepared by us, here..."



Translation:  K.N.

Article published in English on: 28-3-2010.

Last update: 28-3-2010.