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All images in this Album have been carefully and gratefully borrowed from various Orthodox Missionary websites.  Any related Missionary images will likewise be gratefully accepted and proudly included in this African Dedicational Album.  If there are any (unintended) infringements on account of our not mentioning image sources, please email us accordingly, at: orthodoxymoron@gmail.com and we will promptly make the necessary adjustments.

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Link to: Akathist Hymn dedicated to all the Orthodox Saints of Africa

Saint Moses the Ethiopian                 Saint Cyprian of Carthage                  Saint Julia of Carthage
Martyrs of Carthage Saint Africanus and co-martyrs Saints Terence, Pompeius, Maximus, Zeno, Alexander, Theodore, Macarius, & 32 Others.
 St. Crispina, Martyr of Numidia                             St. Augustin of Hippo                                      St. Monica, mother of  St. Augustin                           
     Sts. Perpetua and Felicitas of Carthage     St.Fulgentius of Tunisia               St.Mappalicus, Martyr of Carthage                       
                    St.Priscilla of Carthage                                 St.Melchiades of Nth.Africa                              St. Mary of Egypt                               
St. Verina of Egypt








The Orthodox churches of sub-Saharan Africa are organized under