Orthodox Outlet for Dogmatic Enquiries Ecumenism and Papism


Press Release by the Sacred Metropolis of Druinoupolis and Konitsa



On the anti-canonical common prayers of our hierarchs with the heretics of Papism



No.Protocol: 134

In Delvinaki, on the 13th of December 2006



           On this Wednesday, the 13th of December 2006, the monthly Convention of Parish Priests of the said County, pursuant to the one of last Monday, the 11th of December, for the Parish Priests of Pogonion, in Delvinaki.

          Under discussion, in a climate of cordiality and love, were subjects concerning our border Parishes.

           The subject however that vividly preoccupied the convening reverend fathers, was, on the one hand the pope’s visit to Fanarion, and on the other hand, the visit of His Beatitude the Archbishop of Athens to the Vatican, from today (13.12.2006) to the coming Saturday (16.12.2006)

          Our priests stressed that in principle, they are not against the inter-Christian dialogues, or even the collaborations between them. They were, however, vehemently opposed to, and deeply concerned by, the common prayers of the Orthodox Hierarchs with the heretic papists, thus also conveying the deep concern of their respective folds, with everything that they are seeing and hearing, on Television and Radio.

          IndeedIn our distant Metropolis of the border, there is a widespread concern by many of our Christians, who are asking themselves: Where are we heading? Is the Union with the papists approaching? But they have so many dogmatic fallacies, beyond the primacy and the infallibility of the pope; have they perhaps renounced all these, and we aren’t aware of it?  Because, judging by the things that a new Hierarch of an island Metropolis proclaimed, something like that must have happened, or, perhaps, is about to happen...

           Anyway, all of the reverend fathers expressed their strong opposition to the events that are evolving.  Because, although it might appear as though a rapprochement is materializing between Orthodoxy and heretic Papism, in reality, there is a valid fear of an impending split and a division of the Orthodox faithful, much to the joy of the implacable enemies of our martyred Church.

           From the distant, border Metropolis of Druinoupolis, Pogoniani and Konitsa, we are ringing the bell of warning. And without in the least doubting anyone’s orthodoxy, we nevertheless warn that there is a need for prudence and respect, not only towards the limits “that our fathers had placed”, but also towards the conscience of the Orthodox clergy and laity and the monastic orders, which are being brutally attacked by these audacious and simultaneously provocative openings towards the heretic and, unfortunately, impenitent Vatican.

Guards, be on the alert!!

(By the Sacred Metropolis)


Translation by: A. N.

Article published in English on: 16-1-2007.

Last update: 17-1-2007.