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The Elder Paisios on Monophysites
From the book by Hieromonk Isaac () "Life of Elder Paisios the Hagiorite"
Holy Mountain 2004, p. 690-691

Source: http://www.impantokratoros.gr/02A7C0F7.en.aspx



[...] About the Anti-Chalcedonians (Monophysites) he would say:

"They do not say that they did not understand the Holy Fathers, but that the Holy Fathers did not understand them. Namely, as if they are right and were misunderstood".

He characterized as blasphemy against the Holy Fathers the proposed cleansing of the Liturical books from the characterizations of the heretics Dioscorus and Sevirus.

He said "So: many Holy Fathers who had divine illumination and were their contemporaries, did not understand them but misunderstood them, and here we come so many centuries later to correct the Holy Fathers? Why don't they even consider the miracle of Saint Euphimia*?   Is it possible that even she had misunderstood the book of the heretics?" 

Without seeking to appear as confessor, with his ways, he would react, talk and write to ecclesiastic people.

 "The church" he would say "is not a boat of every bishop to do what he pleases".

His reactions were followed by a lot of prayer and love for the Church, but also for those who deviated and by assumed apathy, distinction and greater enlightenment


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Article published in English on: 21-5-2013

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