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"Holy Communion" with wafers and juices

by the Protopresbyter fr. Basil Georgopoulos, Dr. of Theology

and associate of the Synodic Committee on Heresies

Source: http://briefcase.pathfinder.gr/download/556629



In the June 2006 edition of the local newspaper “Christianity” which belongs to the heretical Pentecostal movement “Free Apostolic Church of the Pentecost”, there is an article titled “Holy Communion as the basis of the life of the Church”.

This is an article which - after being evaluated from the Orthodox aspect – clearly shows the confusion and the deception that exists, regarding the Sacrament of the Divine Eucharist, and also the attempts made by the aforementioned Pentecostal group to formulate their own teaching on the sacrament.

We shall pause on two points only. The first point is that they resort to using Orthodox phraseology when referring to the sacrament.  They use the term “Holy Communion”, when in fact during their congregations and in their literature, they normally refer to the Divine Eucharist using terms like “breaking bread”, or simply “remembrance”.

The second and more important point however, is an admission-confession that they themselves have stated.  It is an admission that shows the degree of change and downfall that certain Pentecostal groups have undergone.  What do they mention in their article?  Characteristically, the following:

"The practice of certain churches to use small wafers in place of bread, and any kind of juice in place of wine, has a devastating effect on the church”

We see here an example of the worst kind of mistreatment and disregard for both the historical facts as well as the very founding words of the Lord, with regard to this sacrament.  And yet, the Pentecostal groups (who supposedly have a “eucharist” but prefer to use wafers and juice instead of leavened bread and wine), always insist that they “receive the Holy Spirit” and that the presence of the Spirit is manifest during their assemblies.

Judging by the above, it is not difficult to understand what kind of “spirit” is manifest in their premises....


Further comments on the subject are unnecessary.





Translation by A.N.                                                                                   Greek text

Article published in English on: 18-12-2006.

Last update: 18-12-2006.