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Images and historical information on the Bios of the Saints have been carefully borrowed from various Orthodox sites, and mainly from: www.allmercifulsavior.com and Wikipedia

The chart of Icons below is an indicative but prayerful reminder to all the peoples of the present-day European Continent that our Holy Orthodox Faith, in the person of all the Saints who had evangelized its inhabitants during the first millennium A.D., is the only secure foundation upon which European unity should be built and continued.

May we all have their blessings!



                 SWITZERLAND                                                                             VIENNE, FRANCE                                                                                   TRIERS


                                           FRANCE                                                                                ALBI (GAUL)                                                     BÉARN & PAYS BASOLIE  (GAUL)



Saint Bonifatius of Fulda, Germany, Martyr  (  754)

Saint Alena of Vorst, Flanders, Belgium - Virgin, Martyr (  640)


Saint Julian, Bishop of LeMans, Apostle of Celtic Gaul, one of the Lord's 72 Disciples  (2nd century)

Saint Amandus, Bishop of Maastricht, Belgium            (  679)

Saint Aubin Bishop of Angers, France   (+550)

Saint Arnold, Bishop of Metz, Germany  (  640)

Saint Afra, Penitent and Martyr of Augsburg, Germany  ( c. 304)


Saint Willibrord, first Bishop of Utrecht and Apostle of Frisia, Holland,  ( 739)

Icon by George Piperakis

Saint Severinus, Apostle of Austria  ( 482)

Saint Ansgar  (Oscar), Bishop of Hamburg  & Bremen, Christianizer of Scandinavia, Apostle of Denmark ( 865)

Saint Blandine, Great Martyr of Lyons, France  ( 177)

Saint Aurelie, Hermitess, Strasbourg

Saint Bathilde, Queen of France ( 680)

Saint Bernward, Bishop of Hildesheim, Germany         ( 1022)

Saint Brieuc , Welsh monk,  evangelist of Brittany, France  (6th century)

Saint Xanthippa of Spain, disciple of the Apostles         (1st century)

Saint Sturmi, Abbot, Founder of Fulda, Germany, Apostle to the Saxons  ( 779)


Saint Radegunda, Queen, deaconess and anchoress -Abbess of Poitiers, France ( 587)

Saint Rupert (Robert) of Salzburg,  Apostle of Austria (+ ca. 710)

Saint Stephanida of Spain, tortured in Damascus during persecutions of emperor Marcus Aurelius the Philosopher  (+161)

Saint Caesarius, Bishop of Arles, France  ( 543)

Saint Cassien the Roman, Bishop of Autun, France     ( 435)

Saint Chrodegang, Bishop of  Metz, Germany, author of the Rule for Canons, founder  and restorer of churches and monasteries  ( 766)

Saint Corentinus, Bishop of Quimper, Brittany, France (+401)

Saint Caprasius, Martyr, first  Bishop of Agens, France  (+303)

Saint Genevieve , Wonder-worker of Paris France  ( 502)

Saint Gregory of Tours,  France, Bishop, hagiographer  ( 594)

Saint Honoratus, Hermit, Archbishop of Arles, founder  and Abbot of Lérins lavra, France  ( 429)

Saint Irmina, Nun of Trier  & Weissenburg, foundress of monastery   ( ca. 710)

Saint Venantius, hagiographer, hymnographer, Archbishop of Poitiers, France ( 605)

Saint Eloi of Lille, Bishop of Noyon and Tournai, France   ( 660)

Saint Olaf, King & Enlightener of Norway, Martyr ( 1030)


Saint Rigobertus (Robert),  Archbishop of Rheims, France ( 745)

Saint Piatus,  Priest and Martyr of Tournai, Belgium  ( ca. 300)

Saint Rolande, Myrrh-streaming Virgin of Gerpinnes, France          (7th-8th century)

Saint Ursula, Virgin-Martyr and martyr companions, Cologne (Köln)  Germany   (5th or 6th century)

Saint Ursinicus (Ursanne), founder and Abbot of monastery in Jura, Switzerland  ( 625)

Saint Sigfried of Växjö, Apostle of Sweden  with  martyr nephews Unaman, priest; Sunaman, deacon; & Winaman, subdeacon,all monks  ( 1045) 

Saint Trophime of Arles, France, of the 70 Apostles  (2nd century)

Saint  Remigius, Archbishop of Rheims, Apostle to the Franks, opposed Arianism ( 530)

Saint Corbinian, Hermit, Bishop of Freising,   evangelist of Bavaria     (  730)

Saint Clotilde, Queen and Nun of Paris, France

Saint Dionysius (Dennis), Bishop and Martyr of Paris (2nd century)

Saint Eleutherius, Deacon, Martyr of Tournai, Belgium  ( 532)

Saint Eugenia, Abbess, Virgin-Martyr of Barcelona, Spain  ( 735)

Saint Isidore, bishop and confessor of Seville, Spain  (7th century)

Saint Julien, of Vienne, Gaul, Holy Martyr of Brioude ( 304)

Saint  Richarius, Abbot, Hermit, Founder of Celles  Abbey  ( c. 645)

Saint Hilarion (Hilary), Bishop of Poitiers, France   ( 367)

Saint Herman (Germanus), Bishop of Auxerre ( 448)

Saint Leander, Bishop of Seville,  Spain, Apostle of    the Visigoths ( 600)

Saint Frederick, Bishop of Utrecht   ( c. 879)

Saint Hermenigilde of Seville, Prince of the Visigoths, Royal Martyr of Spain ( 486)

Saint Lambert, Bishop of Maastricht, Belgium, Martyr  ( 708)

Saint Martin, Bishop of Tours France, Wonderworker  ( 397)

Saint Gallus, Apostle and enlightener of Switzerland     ( 635)

Saint Beatus  Hermit of Thun, Apostle of Switzerland  (ca. 112)

Saint Eulalia of Mérida, Spain     (ca. 304)

Saint Foi (Faith), 12-yr old Virgin-Martyr, refused to worship pagan deities, burnt, beheaded, Agens, Aquitaine France  (3rd century)

Saint Adelaide of Burgundy, France  - Empress (931-999)

Hieromartyr Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, France ( c. 202)

Saint Gangulphus of Varennes, Burgundy

  ( 760)

Saint Vincentius (Vincent) of Saragosa, Spain, Deacon and Martyr of Diocletian persecutions (+304)

Saint Saturninus, Bishop and Martyr of Toulouse, France,  (+ 3rd c.)

Saint Savinus, monastic Father and Hermit of Lavedan, France 

 (5th century)

Saint Maurice of Agaunum (now in Switzerland), soldier of the Theban Legion with 6600 other co- martyrs for Christ  (+286)

Saint Martial of Limoges, France, Bishop, Equal-to-the-Apostles  (2nd- 3rd c.)

Saint Mamertus , Archbishop of Vienne, Gaul   (+475)

Saint Ludger , first Bishop of  Münster, Westphalia, Germany (+809)

Saints Justus & Pastor, brothers & child Martyrs of Alcala, Spain, during Diocletian persecutions (+304)

Saints Gertrude & Gudula of Nivelles, Belgium

 (+ 659 & 712)


Saint  Amatus (Amé or Aimé), bishop of Sion (Sens) in the Valais, Switzerland  (+690)


Saint Clodoald (Cloud), wonder-worker, Abbot of St. Nogent, Paris  (ca. 560)


Saint Florian of Lorch, Austria, Martyr of Diocletian persecution (+304)


Saint Suitbertus, Bishop, Apostle of the Frisians, southern Holland 



Saint Livinus, Bishop of Ghent, Flanders   (+633)

Saint Wigbert, Abbot of Fritzlar, Germany   ( 797)



Saint Servatus (Servaas) Bishop of Tongres/ Maastricht  (+ 384)

Saint Wolfgang, Bishop of Ratisbon, Bavaria    ( 994) 


Saint Plectrudis, Queen, Nun, Foundress of Monastery in Cologne, Germany  (7th-8th c.)



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